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It is the beginning of the 26th century and the Empire is ruled by Emperor Carl Franz the 1st. Two tenacious soldiers – a brother and sister – have distinguished themselves and risen through the ranks of the Imperial Army, to the rank of general. Per Imperial command, the two newly hatched generals, and soldiers from all over the great Empire, as well as mercenaries from the countries outside, are gathered in a training camp. Here, soldiers and officers will show their skills and worth to impress the Imperial envoys. The army – and general – that performs best will be sent to the Marienburg border and lead an invasion to increase the Empire's political and economic power towards the west. There, the soldiers will look forward to good pay, honor and adventure. The army that performs less well, on the other hand, will be sent to the southern border to patrol the Black Mountains and die an worthless death to the greenskins masses.

The setting of this larp is the Warhammer fantasy universe.

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