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"Hark, soldier of the Empire! We’ve had some good years of peace and the counts getting along. This might well make one forget the threats that lie outside our borders.
Therefore, we sound the summons to an Imperial training camp. Any soldier of fighting age must put upon their colours and report under the flag of their elector count.

In the feast hall of the castle rumours abound: Something terrible is coming, and preparations must be made for hard and uncertain times.

In the tavern, they say there is lots of gold to be had taking the Imperial army oath.

Among the crows, the most reliable rumour can be heard, that there will be food aplenty for those who feast upon the slain."

Krigslive is a Danish LARP about soldiers at war.

Krigslive was held for the first time in 2006, and there have since been held 17 consecutive Krigslives.


The tradition is that the job of organizing Krigslive is taken in turn among Danish LARP associations or organizations, and therefore also between different Danish regions. As the organizer of Krigslive you are free to determine what rules and framework is used, including themes and roleplaying setting. Therefore, it is not required to take place in the Warhammer Fantasy setting, although 12 of 15 organizers have opted to hold Krigslive in the Warhammer world.


Krigslive contains a competitive element within itself, we are play-acting a war scenario after all, and that means eventually ending up on either the winning or losing side of the war. For this reason the warring teams fight to win, soldiers push themselves to excel, and there are no expectations of “showfighting” to make it look good from the outside.

All Krigslive have the following things in common:

  • An emphasis on war and conflict.

  • An emphasis on the life as a soldier

  • Focuses on LARP fighting between the players.

  • Often focuses on portraying military units (the player groups), including uniforms, armament, military tradition etc.

  • Often focuses on military hierarchies (generals, army staffs, commanders and privates etc.)

  • Often highlights LARP fighting in formation.

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