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Practical information

Location: Ulveborg Historiske Værksted, Asnæs, Denmark

Tid: 26-29 may 2023 


Setting up camp is possible from 10 AM frida the 26. may 2023 until the briefing the same day. It is possible to arrive earlier, even on thursday, if you have an agreement with the organizers. 

The Larp will take place from afternoon friday the 26. may 2023 until 5 pm sunday the 28. may 2023. 

There will be an afterparty and hygge sunday evening the 28. may 2023. 

Packing up camp will be from 5 pm sunday the 28. may 2023 until 2 pm monday the 29. may 2023. All players must leave the area by this time latest.


Early bird: 350 kr. Closes 16. february 2023. 

Normal: 400 kr. Opens 17. february 2023. Closes 1. may 2023. 

Late bird: 450 kr. Opens 2 may 2023. Closes 12. may 2023. 

Special discount for current students of Epos and Østerskov boarding schools is 100 kr. 

Danish law and culture 

There will be a special briefing in the participants letter on relevant danish law and culture to be aware of. 


Warhammer Fantasy, Empire

Read more under "Setting"


A food ticket will be available. More info on this later.

Rules for age and participation: 

All players are wlcome regardless of age. Children under 12 are free. Inform the organizers on arrival of any children present on location. We expect all players to be in costume and contributing to the experience in a positive manner.  

Players under the age of 18 must have a guardian, that is a member of their unit. The task of the guardian is to ensure a good experience for their ward. It is allowed to be the guardian of more than 1 player. 

Players under the age of 15 must have a parental consent form, unless their parent also participates in the LARP.  See "Sign up".  

Players under the age of 14 can only participate as non-combattants. They are not allowed to fight on the battlefield.  

We count age as the age you will turn on your birthday in 2023.  


If you break critical danish law during the larp, you will be reported to the police by the organizers.  


Upon participating in ”Krigslive XVIII” you are aware that: the Larp organization Rollespilsfabrikken, and/or the organizers do not bear any responsibility for physical, psychological or material damage you inflict upon yourself or others.  

Upon participating in ”Krigslive XVIII” you accept that there will be pictures and video taken at the Larp, that the organizers reserve all rights to, and can use for PR or webpages among other things.  

Photografing is only permitted with the explicit consent of the organizers. The organizers reserve all rights to all pictures and video taken at "Krigslive XVIII" to use for whatever organizational purposes we see fit. DO you not want pictures of yourself from Krigslive XVIII published, you must inform the organizers during the larp, and have your contact details written down. Though not during the afterparty. It is not possible to inform the organizers of this request in advance, nor after the event is completed.

Name and contact info: 

To aid in commincation, your name and contact information might be shared with other relevant players if necessary.

Ticket refund

You can get your ticket refunded until the last sign-up day, by contacting the organizers. After this date, tickets will only be refunded under extraordinary circumstances. 

Relevant danish law to be aware of

Coming soon

Safety at Krigslive XVIII


Physical safety 


To minimize the risk of injury during Krigslive XVIII during battle, we expect all players to use responsibly padded weapons and shields, and also responsibly built war machines. Homemade arrows are not permitted.  

Further safety mechanisms regarding the battleplay are specified in the rules. 


Accidents do happen. In the event of a serious injury call 112, then inform the organizers. A plan for minor injuries is in the making.

Fire safety 

Plans in case of fire will be made in cooperation with the location. Information regarding fire safety will be a part of the briefing friday. 


There will be an ingame tavern, and an afterparty. All sale of alcohol at the larp is delegated to third party (Mikkel Christensen), and all resposibility in this regard, falls on this third party. 

Mental safety 

Feeling unsafe

It is possible to get in touch with the organizers ahead of the LARP via messenger or mail, in case there is an issue related to safety. There will also be a safety host available during the LARP. The basis for decisions regarding safety will in general be the recommendations of the safety host and what is best for the LARP. 

Ingame racism, sexism etc

We highly encourage playing on ingame racisme between different fantasy races and different ingame cultures. Please avoid playing on players offgame skin colour, it sucks. 

PLease also avoid playing ingame sexism, homophobia etc, because it also sucks. We love it when players play on ingame religious differences and class differences. Should misunderstandings or accidents take place, then be cool and apologize. 

Ingame sexual violence

Please don't, we hate it. 

Psysical or sexual violence or abuse

Contact the organizers if you suspect offgame physical or sexual violence. After finding the facts of the situation, we will evaluate whether to contact the police. If the victim is under the age of 18, we will do so regardless. If over the age of 18, we will encourage the victim to let us contact the police. We reserve the right to contact the police if the victim os not fully conscious, depending on the situation. 

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