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About the larp

It is the King's Child's first Name Day which also marks the one year of the Queen being widowed. The Name Day is celebrated with big festivities in the middle of the Danish Kingdom. The Church and all the great houses are invited to the feast. Foreign Nobility and Royalty has also arrived as well as many smaller houses, peasants and riff-raff. The Monarch facilitates both a hunt, fighting games, religious ceremonies and pardons on the occasion of the heirs' Name Day. It has not been many years since the civil war of decades ended with the monarch's crowning, and everyone who has decided to participate has done so with an agenda in mind. Some seek influence, some honor, some want money, some love, some to be pardoned and some for revenge.

The scenario plays during the “Mythical renaissance”. The scenario is loosely based on the fifteen hundreds in Denmark and Germany, that means both troll folk, elven folk and mermaids are a reality but they hide in the forest and will not play any major part in the scenario.

Society consists of five classes. At the top stands the Royal Family, where the head (King or Queen) governs the kingdom. It is an electoral monarchy, meaning that the monarch is someone elected from the royal family by the great noble houses. 

In the next layer is the church and great houses.
The third is the lesser houses. In the fourth is the peasants and in the fifth and lowest is the riff-raff (Thieves, Con artist, Beggars etc).


Player groups can play everything from greater and lesser houses, part of the church, foreign royalty with escort, peasant families to riff-raff. 

Greater houses, the church and foreign royalty are aimed at groups who want a lot of involvement with the plot.
Peasant families and riff-raff is more so for those who enjoy a more relaxed and cozy larp. Lesser houses are for those who want a bit of both.
Read more under the “What can you play?” tab. 

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