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Location: Ungdomsøen, Denmark

Date: 30th of January - 2nd of February 2025

Price: See under Sign-up.

Language: The common language will be English. 

Sign-up procedure and timeline: See under sign-up. Max number of players; 60. Minimum number of players: 60. 

Age limit: Most characters are limited to 18+. People under the age of 16, can only participate alongside a guardian or parent. Please contact the organizers at, to sign up a person under 16.

Food: Players may need to aid in food preparation in shifts under the guidance of an NPC. We will make sure to provide allergy-friendly, vegetarian and vegan food options.

Sleeping arrangements: Beds are provided. Bring your own sleeping bags and pillows.

Timeline for the Larp: Meeting at the docks at Nyhavn 71, Copenhagen on Thursday. Players will be ferried across. DO NOT miss the ferry.

Workshops and offgame briefing in the afternoon. 

Game starts in the late afternoon/evening on  

Game stops on Saturday  before dinner.

Debriefing during dinner, followed by after-larp social time.

Clean-up and ferry back on Sunday .

*Precise times will be announced as soon as possible. 

Responsibility: Upon participating in ”From the Vault” you are aware that: the organizers do not bear any responsibility for physical, psychological or material damage you inflict upon yourself or others.

Photo policy: Upon participating in ”From the Vault” you accept that there will be pictures and video taken at the Larp, that the organizers reserve all rights to, and can use for PR or webpages among other things. Photografing is only permitted with the explicit consent of the organizers. The organizers reserve all rights to all pictures and video taken at "From the Vault" to use for whatever organizational purposes we see fit. Do you not want pictures of yourself from From the Vault published, you must inform the organizers during the event, before the afterparty, and have your contact details written down. It is not possible to inform the organizers of this request in advance, nor after the afterparty begins.

Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible. No severe latex allergies. Contact the organizers regarding accessibility.

Name and contact info: To aid in communication, your name and contact information might be shared with other relevant players if necessary.

Ticket refund: Resale not permitted without involving the organizers. If we annull your ticket, you will be refunded in full. More info on this later.

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