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Goodmorning citizen of Vault 63, 64 and 65!

This weekend is Matchmaking weekend, and all candidates for marriage will be trained in how to providers and home-makers, and hopefully find their perfect match at the great Triennial Marriage Ball on Saturday, so that we can honour our proud traditions and human civilization may continue until Reclamation Day is upon us. 

There have been some concerns about some system failures, but worry not, these are all being dealt with and they will not affect or delay our festivities. We look forward to seeing you alle at the Triennial Marriage Ball! 

Themes of From the Vault

Gender roles and social experiment: The people of the vault have unknowingly grown up in a social experiment, a component of which is a strict segregation of roles in families. 

Responsibility towards other people: What is your responsibility towards the rest of the world, and people outside your own community?  

Nuclear war: The Great War that left the Earth a desolate wasteland of radiation will be a theme in the Larp. 

Who this larp is for and who it is not for? 

This is not a larp for those who are hoping for a lot of post-ap violence and exploring a wasteland. Certain roles (meant for romantic play) are 18+, but a section of roles are open to all ages. 

Barred Themes/topics

Sexual violence. Graphic discussions of rape, and playing out scenes of sexual violence or rape, are not permitted at this larp. Rape is not a necessary element of the themes we are trying to explore. It is ok to play on being “creepy”.

Violence towards children. Graphic discussions of violence towards, graphic violent deaths of or murder of pre-teenage children is not permitted at this larp.

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