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The world has crumbled, cities left hollow and echoing with the ghosts of a once-vibrant, sprawling civilization. The outbreak had torn through humanity, leaving behind a desolate landscape where nature began to reclaim its dominion. Your group trudges through the overgrown streets; grizzled survivors hardened by loss and burdened by memories that cling to you like the dust on abandoned buildings. The haunting cries of infected echoed through the air, a constant reminder that in this new reality, the line between predator and prey had blurred beyond recognition. Your journey is one of necessity; you hope to reach true refuge in New Ireland. But only if you reach the harbour. Only if you get on the ship. And only if you survive the quarantine. Is it possible to escape from just surviving and live? Or is it too late? 

Endure and Survive is inspired by the Tv series “The Last of Us” as well as other apocalypse movies, and real world examples of war, refugees, plagues and human strife. The central inspiration from all these, and the central theme of this larp, is human connection is the darkest of times and finding the will to live and survive amid the most terrible circumstances.


About the setting of Endure and Survive

A fungi-based zombie virus has decimated the world. It has been 4 years since the outbreak. News has reached mainland Europe that Ireland has managed to rid itself of infected, and they have established a safe haven for refugees. The New Irish military have established camps in different ports, where they ship refugees to islands in groups of 150 people. If they manage to survive for 3 days in a row without outbreak, they will be granted passage to Ireland.


Themes of the Larp - Core Themes:

o Connection, love and family, despite difficult circumstances

o Loss, hope, hopelessness and what we live for in dire circumstances

o Competition for survival and holding on to humanity in dire circumstances

Lesser Themes

o Community and what values should define a community

o One man’s villain is another man’s hero

o Some horror themes


Barred Themes/topics

o Sexual violence. Graphic discussions of rape, and playing out scenes of sexual violence or rape, are not permitted at this larp. Rape is not a necessary element of the themes we are trying to explore. It is ok to play on being “creepy”.

o Violence towards children. Graphic discussions of violence towards, graphic violent deaths of or murder of pre-teenage children is not permitted at this larp. These are not a necessary element of the themes we are trying to explore. I.e. It is ok to talk about your child dying, but keep the focus on the emotional tragedy, not shock value.


Who is this Larp for and who is it not for

This Larp is not going to be an action packed zombie adventure larp. While zombies will be an element; the focus of the larp is going to be interpersonal conflicts and relations and group conflicts and relations, the experiences of loss and connection, and the questions of what we live for and for how long can we hold on to humanity.


This larp is not for you if you are easily overstimulated by being around other people. This larp is not for you if you are triggered by death, loss, violence, grief, or talk about these topics. Some game elements are inspired from real world examples of people surviving being refugees, of wars, plagues or atrocities. We incorporate these elements with as much care as possible. This larp is not for you if these elements are triggering for you.

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